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About ERP Software

An ERP software, also known as an enterprise resource planning software can be defined as an integrated system that is used by organizations


At ERP System Solutions, we present with a well rounded ERP software program that is capable of attending to the needs of today's business environment.


ERP is a software that helps your business or organisation reduce the manual & repetitive work along with helping you with proper data management

Main Features

Erp Mnaufacturing


In the world of manufacturing, time is money. With our ERP software, manufacturers can rely on a solution that is built, serviced, and managed by manufacturing professionals to help you win the race against time. The erpsystem.solutions manufacturing ERP system provides the foundation to improve business efficiency, customer service, and overall productivity for a broad range of industries.

Erp Education


It's a nightmare for Institutes when it comes to managing & keeping track of staff & students. There are thousands of students and almost double the number of parents. Managing all the data manually can be a complex and time consuming task. The complex task can be achieved easily only by using good school/college management software.

Retail Erp software


Retail is an industry where more manual work is required than that of other industries like Education or Healthcare. Our ERP solutions completely fit into the retail business & can help you survive and thrive in an intensely competitive industry; this is what makes us the Best Retail ERP Service Providers in the Market.

Erp for Healthcare


It is crucial to for a Hospital or Health Care unit to keep up the pace and it is difficult when there is manual work involved. This is where ERP Software comes in to take care of the work and erpsystem.solutions ERP Solutions will provide you with a Health Care ERP Software which will be easy to use and fast.

Erp real estate

Real Estate

Time is money when it comes to Real Estate Industries and with such amount of manual work to be done, it's almost impossible to race against time and your competitors. erpsystem.solutions is known amongst the best ERP Solution & Service Providers in Real Estate Industry and we will help you overcome the problems you face with manual works.

Why Itech ?

At ERP System Solutions we offer hassle free ERP solutions that will help you make money. They are low cost, tailored, fully scalable and combined with simply outstanding service. We bring enthusiasm and commitment to every project and we are constantly investigating new technologies and industry trends to ensure our customers stay ahead of the curve. Our solutions are user friendly, easy to install and very flexible.
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